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It was always my father’s dream to create an environment in Bombay which would enable talented young Indians to study Western classical music and to perform it professionally in their country.

My family and I are, therefore, extremely happy that there is today a Foundation in India bearing my father’s name, which is organised to devote itself to the objectives of his dream.

I hope lovers of music in India and elsewhere will lend wholehearted and continuing support to the Foundation, which will add an extra dimension to the extraordinary plurality,
range and richness of India’s cultural heritage.


What are the instruments the MMMF teaches?

The Foundation teaches the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass and classical guitar.

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We are confident that our programmes enrich the lives of our students, our audiences and our teachers.

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Zubin Mehta, Zarin Mehta, Shyam Benegal, Zareen Bilimoria ,Iqbal M Chagla, Dr. Yusuf Hamied , Mehroo B Jeejeebhoy – Founder Trustee

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Our education programmes and activities were initiated in 2002, in an effort to deepen the understanding and appreciation of western classical music. Music education is seen by the MMMF as a force to unite people of different cultures, communities and varied economic backgrounds via a love, and deep appreciation, of music. Enrolment for our music lessons has increased from 12 students in 2002 to over 1668 in 2015.
The positive response to our educational programmes gives us the confidence and enthusiasm to work towards our goals of bringing music into the lives of children and adults. Students of all ages come to the Foundation. Our education programme starts with early music education at age 1.1/2 and moves on to choirs and the teaching of instruments.


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Date: 3rd April 2016

Event Name: Teachers concert

Venue: Goethe Institute

Date: 10th April 2016

Event Name: Instrument Students Concert

Venue: K.R. Cama Hall

Date: 17th & 18th April 2016

Event Name: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Zubin Mehta

Venue: NCPA

Date: 20th April 2016

Event Name: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Zubin Mehta

Venue: Brabourne Stadium