What are the instruments the MMMF teaches?

The Foundation teaches piano, violin, viola and cello. Students come in for one or more classes a week, and are expected to also enroll for choir, string ensemble and theory classes. Please see Instrument classes for further information.

Is there a wait list? When should I place my child's name on it?

The MMMF has a waiting list for all its education programmes. Adding your child’s name to the waiting list is highly advised. Please contact the Foundation.

Does the Foundation have branches?

No, the foundation is only located at : B/2, Banoo Mansions, Cumballa Hill Road , Mumbai – 400 026

Why early music education?

Music not only brings joy to young students ; it also stimulates the development of motor skills and builds memory. Students learn to be organized, manage their time and learn perseverance and focus.

Please see Discover Music for further information

Can my child join singing classes?

The Foundation has 3 children’s choirs called The Singing Tree choirs. Each child will be placed in a choir appropriate to their age. The class strength varies between 20 and 25 children. Please see The Singing Tree for further information.

What is the right age to start a child on an instrument?

This is a difficult question and there are many answers to it! In some music schools, the world over, children start an instrument as early as 3 or 4, or as late as adult beginners. The MMMF welcomes both children and adults. The Foundation suggests 6 or 7 years as a good starting age, as children who start an instrument are expected to commit to daily music practice, for which we need a certain level of maturity and commitment.

Where can I buy music books and instruments?

The MMMF has a good working relationship with Furtados Music for the purchase of instruments, music books and other music accessories.