Wyomia Goveya

After being awarded her Licentiate of Trinity College London Diploma (LTCL) in Pianoforte, Wyomia began entering candidates for the Trinity Guildhall music practical and written examinations. Wyomia is also a professionally trained Music Therapist, with a Master of Music Therapy (MMT) degree from Nordoff-Robbins, London. Since December 2003 she has been pioneering music therapy in Mumbai, and working with children and young people with an array of special needs. Wyomia also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Bombay University. Whilst she no longer practices as a Consulting Homoeopathic Physician, she continues to draw on her knowledge of medicine in her music teaching and music therapy practice, both of which are very dear to her.